Good ideas are behind every project that makes our community a better place. Project grants can assist you in getting your project up and running.

What they can support

They support all kinds of approaches to achieving your goal whether it be:
– creating and exploring opportunities,
– addressing community issues and disadvantage, or
– raising community awareness

Project costs can include:
– equipment or supplies, including lease costs
– time-limited project administration and operating costs, including wages
– professional fees
– travel
– capital costs (depending on the length of the project and the need and benefit of the items)

To give you a better idea of what this type of grant can support, here are some examples:
– establishing a land care initiative to promote sustainable living
– supporting the •social supportê aspects of a social enterprise,
– a camp for parents impacted by substance abuse, and
– developing resources to promote a local community focus on early childhood development

Projects can range in duration from one day to three or more years.

Most importantly, they want to understand what your needs and ideas are. Get in touch to start the conversation.

What thryêre looking for
– How the project relates to your organisationês purpose
– How the idea for the project came about, its community importance and expected benefits
– Community and stakeholder support for the project
– Strong project planning, management and expertise
– Good governance, evaluation and learning strategies
– Considerations of what will happen after the project grant ends

What they need from you
– A completed Lotterywest grant application
– Two written quotes for items over $3,000; a written estimate, advertised price, or one written quote for items under $3,000 (low value, miscellaneous items can be grouped together to $1,000)
– A project budget (including salary costs)
– A project plan (for applications more than $50,000)

They also need additional information about your organisation. Find out more in their getting started section.

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