Women & Leadership Australia’s LEADERSHIP RECHARGE program supports and sustain women leaders through the most disruptive upheaval of our times.


This unique short course offers a timely opportunity for women leaders to explore their experience of crisis, and importantly, to take solace and nourishment from the fact they are not alone. Guided by an expert facilitator, participants will discover new leadership and wellbeing strategies, and have an opportunity to reflect, regroup and refocus.

A half-day online masterclass will explore the concept of crisis leadership and examine how leaders must adapt in times of crisis in order to both contain and interpret the unfolding uncertainty.

A half-day application workshop will then allow participants to reflect on their own experience of the pandemic and its ongoing effects on their organisation, and explore new frameworks and principles to support their leadership capacity and resilience.

Course Outcomes

• Recharge your reserves to help you lead with renewed focus and enthusiasm
• Equip yourself with new mindsets and skills to forge a way through the ambiguity
• Utilise principles of Adaptive and Trauma Informed Leadership
• Attend to your own wellbeing and that of your team
• Increase your capacity to stay the course – both professionally and personally
• Connect with women leaders who are facing similar challenges and working towards similar goals
• Understand and increase your Surge Capacity
• Transfer your learnings about crisis leadership to other future challenges




• Leading in times of disruption and complexity
• Trauma Informed Leadership
• Typical Disaster Recovery vs Covid Disaster Recovery
• Surge Capacity
• 2020 – 2021 From Thriving to Surviving 6 Principles of Adaptive Leadership with emphasis on principle #1 (Getting on the Balcony) and principle #3 (Regulating Distress)
• Insights from Crisis Leadership research and literature
• What is Complex Decision Fatigue and how to manage it?
• Moving Forward: How will work be different?
• Where to from Here: what do we want to retain from pandemic times and what do we want to let go of?
• Wellbeing for Leaders: Resilience, Line of Choice, Beyond Blue Continuum


The standard course fee is $1295 + GST per participant.

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