Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote (LEAP) Grants

Date/Deadline: 09 May, 2023

LEAP Grants support industry sectors, business groups and supply chains to drive a more resource efficient, sustainable and circular economy for SA.

Grants are available for industry associations, peak industry bodies, registered business groups, and organisations that play a key role in supply chains to:

• LEAD by sharing the vision and inspiring businesses to embrace sustainability and circular economy principles
• EDUCATE by providing information, developing resources, and raising awareness
• ASSIST by providing one-on-one, tailored support for select businesses as well as shared learning opportunities
• PROMOTE success through workshops, networking events, case studies, awards, recognition

How much money is available?

Up to $100,000 (maximum $50,000 per fiscal year) per applicant

Who can apply?

• Industry associations, peak industry bodies
• Registered business groups, networks, clusters (incorporated or unincorporated entities)
• Companies that play an integral part and are influential across a supply chain, and/or have a strong alliance to a network of businesses
• Local government and regional development associations that are able to effectively engage with a network of businesses within their local area or region

Applicants must be operating in South Australia (preferably in operation for at least 2 years).

Applicants must demonstrate they have a strong relationship with a network of South Australian businesses, and the means to effectively engage and communicate with them.

What will they fund?

• Projects that target a specific industry sector, group of businesses, or supply chain
• Projects that focus on circular economy and sustainability principles such as waste avoidance and reduction; materials or resource efficiency; net zero emissions; circular supply chains; design for reuse, repair, or remanufacture; extended producer responsibility / product stewardship
• Feasibility studies or pilot projects seeking circular economy or net zero emissions outcomes for a network/group of businesses
• Development, testing and refinement of guidelines, strategies, tools or similar resources
• Assessing a group of selected businesses, providing tailored advice; summarising and sharing results to encourage industry-wide change
• Research to identify commercially viable solutions to address specific issues experienced by a group of businesses or industry sector
• Educational and promotional materials and activities such as fact sheets, case studies, peer-to-peer learning events, workshops, development of awards and other recognition programs
• Any combination of the activities mentioned above

Projects must:

• have clear linkages to driving a more circular economy and/or sustainable business community in South Australia
• target activities prioritised higher on the waste management hierarchy than current practice
• be delivered in partnership with a suitably qualified and capable, independent and impartial service provider (a specialist advisory consultant, or equivalent) OR the applicant must provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate a satisfactory level of expertise and experience exists within the organisation for effective project delivery
• meet and contribute to the program aim, objectives and outcomes.
• Preference will be given to applicants that can demonstrate demand for the project from their target audience; and/or can provide evidence of an information gap that the project will address.

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