Latrobe Valley Community Facility Fund

This program aims to facilitate and support great initiatives and projects that will help to make the Latrobe Valley a great place to live and work, and to improve the health and wellbeing of those who live there. It seeks to support community projects that will improve the amenity and liveability of the Latrobe Valley.

The Fund will support the Latrobe Valley region to build strong and resilient communities by investing in community-led initiatives and partnerships under the following two streams:
1. Liveable Latrobe Valley
– Supports projects that will make the Latrobe Valley a better place to live, attracting new businesses and residents and helping people to make a difference in their own community.
– Has three funding levels available:
a) Up to $5,000 for community events. Funding may be provided at this level for up to three years to a total of $15,000.
b) Up to $50,000 for community space upgrades
c) Between $50,000 – $999,999 for town infrastructure developments and major upgrades. It is anticipated that projects of this size would be managed by organisations with a strong track record of similar projects, or are led by local government.

2. Active Latrobe Valley
– Ssupports projects designed to make communities a healthier place to live, concentrating on sport and recreation, including open space improvements for families, residents and visitors to enjoy.
– Funding of up to $1 million is available.

Applicants will be expected to make a financial contribution or source third party funding for the project. Contributions may be in cash and/or in-kind.

In-kind contributions must be:
– No more than 50% of the cash contribution.
– Valued at $20 per hour for unskilled work and $45 per hour for skilled work.

All projects will be required to be endorsed/supported by the relevant local government authority (LGA).

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