Date/Deadline: 01 Feb, 2023

Crazy Ideas College is excited to announce the launch of their Ideas2Life Lab.

The i2L Lab enables young Australians to collaborate with community and business to bring bold and inspired ideas to life. These ideas showcase new and ingenious ways to care for our planet and help more people live healthy, prosperous and connected lives.

Each year CIC’s Social Innovators program engages thousands of young Australian’s who work in teams to generate ‘’crazy’’ good ideas.

The i2L Lab aims to provide teams with the coaching, skills, connections and resources they need to bring their idea to life.

The i2L Lab is now ready for lift off and with over half of teams wanting to bring their ideas to life, CIC is now searching for business and community members to join our crazy adventure and help make sure these talented young changemakers are properly supported.

They are searching for:

• Talented people to join their crew of high-quality coaches
• Passionate community and business members to join their network of collaborators
• The assets and funds required to trial and scale great ideas
• Channels for sharing their crazy stories, ideas and impact

If you or your organisation want to join their incubator for young people and help contribute to building one of Australia’s best pipelines for developing talented and passionate changemakers, contact them to find out how you can get involved.

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