Impakter’s UN SDGs – Companies & Investor Matching Platform is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to delivering high-quality sustainable lifestyle solutions.They empower people through information and technology.Their publication promotes content across several series relating to society, culture, style and impact.They are the largest online platform for Sustainable News, Companies, and Products. They work with over 600 organisations (UN, NGO, Institutes and more). Everyday they feature articles on their magazines from Heads and Directors of these organisations.

They are soon launching a new platform that will enable companies and organizations to match with more than 200 vetted impact investors from all over the world.

They would like to offer you the opportunity to be featured on their magazine by answering some questions via email regarding your company and yourself. This interview will be sent to investors alongside your profile on their platform.

In this link you will find further details about Impakter, including audience, traffic and partnerships.

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