Date/Deadline: 28 Nov, 2022

Come along to a small group of friendly co-workers who are gathering for moral support on the impact measurement and tracking journey.

Ask questions, share tips, bring progress on anything for group feedback, or come along and work on your impact measurement tasks while others chat.

As group lead she would love to engage in discussions, share any tips she know, and also work along on her impact measurement tasks, in good company.

They might cover areas such as:

• Creating a place, method or system to store your impact data
• Sharing logic models or theories of change for discussion or feedback
• Creating a logic model
• Finding good research questions
• Finding good research tools
• What to do with data once you’ve got it
• Preparing to report on your impact
• And I’m sure there’s more!

So please feel welcome to pop in and learn and share together and provide each other the moral support to get momentum in social impact measurement.

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