Hume Business Employment Grants

The $1 million Hume Business Employment Grants Program will provide incentives to local businesses to offer secure employment for up to 100 eligible residents in Hume City.

Offered as part of Council’s COVID-19 Recovery and Reactivation Plan, this program will provide a strong financial boost for local jobs and local businesses, with a key focus on employment outcomes of twelve months or more at completion of the program.

Applications are open and will remain open until the funding allocation is exhausted



• Hume business in Hume with a minimum of one employee.
• Be compliant with applicable workplace health and safety, industrial relations and taxation legislation.
• Hold all appropriate permits and licenses. This will include but is not restricted to; building and planning permits, liquor license, health and other statutory permits or licenses that are required for the business to be legal.
• Council rates must be paid in full and up to date, or a payment plan is in place.• The grant will not be available for employees who are casual or are employed under subcontracting arrangements.


• Must be a Hume Resident
• Must be an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, NZ citizen, holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa or holder of a Temporary Protection Visa with Australian work rights
• For Stream 3 only: Must have been unemployed prior to current employment and supported by an employment service provider (e.g. DES, JVEN, JVES, jobactive), or a retrenched worker


An eligible job must be in the Hume Local Government Area and be:

• Ongoing paid full time or ongoing paid part time work.

Grant streams available

Stream 1: – Hume Trainees and Apprentice Incentive Program
Stream 2: Hume Internship, Cadetship and Industry Training Program
Stream 3: Disadvantaged Jobseeker Incentive Program

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