Horsham Rural City Council COVID Support Grants Program – Arts & Events Activation

Date/Deadline: 31 Mar, 2021

Horsham Rural City Council is offering grants for individuals, businesses and community organisations to help prepare, respond and build resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restrictions have had significant economic impact on local arts, events, recreation, hospitality, tourism, retail and community groups.

This grants program is open until March 2021 (or until funding is fully allocated) and will provide support to affected people and groups located in the Horsham municipality through one of the the following streams:


Objective: Strengthen community resilience and support innovation for groups and and individuals in response to COVID-19

Organisation type: Events, Arts organisations and individuals

Applicant funding limit: $500 to $5000

Total allocation for funding stream: $75,000

Examples of what may be funded:

– Digital presence
– Marketing
– Arts/creative practitioner fees
– Production costs
– Minor equipment purchases

Supporting documentation required:

– Project budget (please use template provided)
– Project plan (please use template provided)
– Quotations or cost estimates for expenditure items greater than $1,000
– ‘Statement by Supplier’ form if you do not have an ABN. (Form available from the ATO http:/www.ato.gov.au).

Assessment criteria:

– Demonstrate that the project will help to strengthen the community, community relationships, reduce isolation and encourage active participation in the community
– Capacity and experience to deliver project
– Extent of project planning
– Participation outcomes
– Use of local contractors

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