Date/Deadline: 31 Dec, 2019

Ever since the Harcourts Foundation was launched in August 2008, Team Harcourts throughout Australia have been raising money to provide support that helps, grows and enriches their communities.

Whether an office, business owner, sales consultant or personal assistant, members of Harcourts all over Australia are donating to the Harcourts Foundation. The majority of the contributions are from our Harcourts branches, whose business owners and sales consultants contribute a set donation with every single property they sell. In addition, through salary sacrifice, specially organised fundraisers, and regular prize auctions at corporate events of all levels, all Harcourts members are committed to making a difference.

Since inception in 2008, we have nearly reached the significant milestone of raising $5,000,000 globally for our local communities. This huge achievement is one of many milestones that the Harcourts Foundation is sure to reach in the years ahead. Thank you all for your incredible support!

No matter the size of your organisation, the Harcourts Foundation not only gives back to those affected by large scale cataclysmic disasters but to charitable community organisations or assists with helping individuals in need.

• Grants applications must be requested for a specific event, project or initiative.
• Requests for the event, project, item, or initiative must be scheduled to occur within four months of the upcoming Grant decision meeting date (meetings are held in the month following the end of the quarter).
• Grants will not be given for items already purchased or events/initiatives/projects already held.
• If the Grant is not used for the purpose for which it was applied, we will request that you return it so we can provide it to another deserving group.
• They may ask for supporting documents such as quotes, references etc.
• If you are a branch of an organisation where another branch has been successful in achieving a Grant from us in the past, this does not mean you automatically qualify for a Grant. Each application will be considered independently based on funds available and circumstances at the time.
• If you are successful, please do not apply within the next 18 months, as they would like to assist other organisations.
• You may apply as a national or regional organisation, however your application must be for a specific community event, project, item, or initiative that fits the criteria.

Grant Application Rounds:

All applications must be received by the last day of the dates noted below.

1 January – 31 March
1 April – 30 June
1 July – 30 September
1 October – 31 December

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