Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta

Date/Deadline: 01 Apr, 2020

This category is designed to fund existing social enterprises that have demonstrated their ability to be sustainable and achieve high-impact on their social mission, and are seeking to grow and expand their operations. Applications must relate to:

– Funding specific projects designed to expand the reach of their business.
– Enabling existing successful social enterprises to re-locate to the Parramatta LGA.

Applications must be from an incorporated body or eligible social enterprise structure.

Social enterprises are defined as having the following characteristics:

– Social, environmental, cultural mission / objectives core to purpose and focus;
– Limited distributions of profits – the majority of profits are reinvested in the enterprise and/or an associated social entity;
– Generation of a social return in addition to a financial return, and commitment to demonstrating this;
– Can have a mixture of capital inputs – the enterprise is supported through a mixture of grant income/subsidised income and trading income, but must trade;
– Favour democratic decision-making structures and seek high levels of accountability to their stakeholders, rather than just to shareholders.

$75,000 is allocated to Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta. The maximum funding available to any one project in this category is $25,000.


This program is open once a year. Projects must start after July 1. Successful recipients in this category are required to:

– Complete their projects within twelve months of funding
– Submit two Progress Reports, after four and nine months respectively, during the funding period and a Final Acquittal Report upon project completion
> 4 month Progress Report due date 1 November
> 9 month Progress Report due date 1 April
> Final Acquittal Report due date 1 July (following year)

Failure to acquit the grant will affect any future funding requests.

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