Date/Deadline: 28 Jul, 2021
The Mill House Ventures is inviting social innovators, changemakers, and social enterprise start-up founders to express interest in joining their Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator GRIST 2021 cohort.

GRIST is The Mill House Ventures flagship program and is designed to accelerate a venture’s social impact. In the workshops, applicants will learn skills, develop their venture and engage with the cohort to bring their Minimum Viable Product to market quickly. During the formal mentoring, applicants will be supported to gather the data needed to iterate and accelerate their ventures.

Each GRIST venture is carefully selected by our panel of Industry Professionals and Social Impact Investors. They are looking for projects with a clear, compelling and measurable theory of change. They are also looking for market-ready B2B or B2C ventures that can be tested, validated and iterated during the Program.

GRIST consists of two parts: a required 5-day intensive skill-building program focused on the preparation of a business model report, followed by a 3-month mentorship program where you will execute a mutually agreed work plan (which we call a Market Testing Plan) focused on market and social change validation through the launch of a minimum viable product (MVP). We are offering a 5-day intensive workshop program (delivered 2 days + 3 days over 2 weeks) to anchor each applicants acceleration journey AND a formal mentoring program to guide their market testing.

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