Google AI Impact Challenge

Date/Deadline: 29 Jan, 2019

What is the Google AI Impact Challenge?

The Google AI Impact Challenge is an open call to nonprofits, social enterprises, and research institutions around the world to submit their ideas to use AI to help address social and environmental challenges. Selected organisations will receive education and coaching from Google’s AI experts, access to computing resources, and grant funding from a $25M pool.

What do you mean by AI? What does it mean to apply AI for social good?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its sub-category of machine learning (ML) are characterised by a process of training a piece of software, called a model, to generate new outputs based on a set of data inputs – for example, predicting a sports team’s performance based on their past record. This model can then serve up predictions about previously unseen data. AI models can range from linear regressions run in Excel to sophisticated deep learning algorithms run on AI platforms, and are open to applications across this spectrum, as long as they aim to help address a social or environmental problem.

Why is Google hosting the Google AI Impact Challenge?

Google believe that AI can give us new ways of addressing problems and meaningfully improve people’s lives. want to support organisations on the front lines of solving today’s biggest challenges with bold ideas to apply AI to the problems that they know best. Since 2005, has invested in innovative organisations that are using technology to build a better world.

What will grant recipients receive? How big will the grants be?

Grant recipients will receive the best of to help bring their ideas to life: coaching from Google’s AI experts; grant funding from a $25M pool; and access to resources including computing power, an ML-focused accelerator, training, and more. expect grants may range from $500k to $2M USD, but will ultimately be sized based on project needs. encourage applicants to submit budgets that accurately reflect the scope of their proposal. Likewise, education, coaching, and computing resources will also be tailored to project needs.

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