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Date/Deadline: 20 Dec, 2019

The Good Xmas Trail is a marketing campaign to help social enterprises create greater impact at Christmas.

In September 2015, Goodsmiths set about developing a brand and cause marketing campaign to help social enterprises to create greater social impact.

The activity would have two objectives: 1) raise awareness of and 2) drive customers to social enterprises and responsible businesses in Melbourne.

The Good Xmas Trail came to life as a brand and website where consumers could find out about and choose to buy from or visit organisations that appealed to them. The idea was to pull together a selection of social enterprises and present them to consumers as ‘the responsible choice’ at a time when they would be considering spending money on a Christmas outing or office party and buying their Christmas gifts.

And, slowly but surely, it worked. So they did it again in 2016, this time with 45 social enterprises doing amazing things, creating inspiring gifts and experiences all with a common purpose, to generate a community benefit.

With their key partners, Voice Brand Agency, Flint, and Social Traders Goodsmiths grew the consumer audience for The Good Xmas Trail by around 300% in 2016, compared to 2015. They achieved good reach and engagement through social media, blogs, traditional media coverage and prominent influencers, including speeches in both 2015 and 2016 to Federal Parliament from Greens MP, Adam Bandt.

It was clear to Goodsmiths that social enterprises were keen to connect with new customers, and there was also a growing number of people hungry to get to know the businesses.

Goodsmiths are putting together their highly successful ethical Christmas gift catalogue and supporting it with a creative marketing campaign that will see them spend around $25K* to get you more sales this holiday season.

For a limited time, Social Change Members get an exclusive 20% discount! Don’t miss out on this amazing offer to get your social enterprise listed and make this Christmas your best one yet!

*All details of money in vs. money out will be fully available and visible to all.
Good Xmas Trail video

Good Xmas Trail video

Posted by Goodsmiths on Sunday, 22 May 2016
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