GoodCompany Best Workplaces To Give Back

Date/Deadline: 30 Jun, 2019

Well, the 80’s wanted have us believe that ‘Greed is Good’. Fortunately, today most of us agree that ‘Good is Good’. What’s happened is a societal shift in focus from ambition (focusing on our goals, achievements, status, possessions) to meaning (focusing on fulfilment, joy, purpose and happiness). Consequently, many professionals are looking for workplaces with meaning. But it’s not easy to find out which companies offer paid time off time for volunteering, employee giving programs, corporate matching and other ways to give back and make a difference. To help alleviate this problem, Good Company has launched the 40 best workplaces to give back campaign.

The Best Workplaces to Give Back list acknowledges those organisations that best empower their people to have a positive social impact through donations, fundraising, and volunteering. Good Company invited organisations from all sizes and industries to participate by telling them how they help their staff make a difference. Good Company experts with help from external partners assessed and ranked the nominees using three main criteria:

  1. Impact: Good Company consider the approach and reach of the organisations’ impact by examining the type of programs offered (ie, volunteer leave, payroll giving, etc.). The more ambitious these programs, the higher the score.
  2. Context: Good Company consider the broader context in which the programs are designed by looking into other aspects of corporate responsibility and whether organisations have broader commitments such as a Reconciliation Action Plan, Diversity strategy, recycling programs, etc. Those organisations with more holistic value propositions receive higher scores.
  3. Innovation: Organisations with unique and innovative activities that stand out receive an extra boost in their scores.

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