Global Disaster Response Grant

IFAW’s Disaster Response and Preparedness grants are made possible through the generous support from The Walt Disney Company and IFAW supporters around the world. These grants offer both physical as well as financial support during moments of crisis – when animals and people need us the most.

How to apply

Please email IFAW’s Disaster Response team and describe your organization, the emergency, and the proposed response. Once you submit, the team will review your request and respond within two weeks.

What situations are eligible to submit an IFAW Disaster Response proposal?

Any man-made or natural disaster impacting animals where physical or financial assistance is needed to support local response and recovery.

• Examples of man-made disasters (but not limited to): political conflict, financial crisis, large scale cruelty case.
• Examples of natural disasters (but not limited to): extreme weather event, earthquake, wildfire, flood.

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