Date/Deadline: 01 Jan, 2020

Provides funding for programs and initiatives which seek to achieve gender equality by targeting the gender-based inequities which exist in our society. Applications from rural and remote areas are encouraged.

Who can apply

To apply, you must be:
– an NT resident if applying as an individual
– an organisation based and registered in the NT.

You must also show that the funds will contribute to a positive outcome that supports gender equality for all Territorians.

Projects that will be considered must address gender inequities that exist in at least two of the following areas:
– education, employment and economic security
– safety
– health and wellbeing
– participation and representation in leadership and decision-making
– respect and empowerment.

Projects must meet all of the following:

– be consistent with the aims of the grants program
– have identifiable outcomes and project objectives
– be part of a comprehensive plan to address an identified need
– not have commercially oriented objectives
– be completed within the proposed timeframe unless otherwise agreed.

Examples of projects that may get funding

Your project could:

– contribute to reduce the gender pay gap
– support efforts to achieve a gender balance in:
> education
> employment
> economic security
– aim to reduce gender-based violence or increase community safety
– encourage positive health outcomes and wellbeing
– facilitate and promote equitable leadership, participation and representation
– promote respect, counter stigma, prejudice or humiliation.

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