Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Date/Deadline: 31 Oct, 2022

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is Queensland’s largest one-off community grants program. It distributes approximately $60 million each year to not-for-profit community groups. The GCBF funding helps these groups by providing services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

This year, the GCBF program has 3 funding rounds available:

• $100,000 super round for all priorities—closed 31 March 2022
• $100,000 disaster recovery round for applicants affected by natural disasters and $35,000 available for all other applications—closed 15 July (combines 31 May and 31 August rounds)
• $35,000 standard grant round—closes 31 October.

Eligible organisations

For your organisation to be eligible, it must meet the requirements of either a legal entity or a sponsored entity.

A legal entity:

• is incorporated or registered under an Act of Parliament
• has an active ABN
• has not-for-profit objectives
• has a bank account in the name of the legal entity
• must provide a bank verification form stamped by the organisation’s financial institution; if your financial institution is unable to complete the bank verification form, please contact them for assistance.

A sponsored entity:

• is unincorporated and not registered under an Act of Parliament
• has not-for-profit objectives
• requires a legal entity to sponsor its application
• may be a local ambulance committee, rural fire brigade or State Emergency Service group must be sponsored by their relevant government department.

They may request other documentation to verify eligibility

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