Galileo Ventures offers more seed investment and more hands-on support for every company they invest in. They like to lead your first round of investment typically investing A$200,000 up to A$500,000 per company on valuations that suit your stage.

Their goal is help you focus on your go-to-market, grow your customers and set you up for success with your next round.

• AU$200k up to $500k per company on flexible valuations
• Fast process from application to term sheet to diligence
• They lead or co-lead, first or second round

Galileo offers their founders robust support – they call it Galileo Membership.

Their membership program is designed to help you get-into-market, win customers and scale your company.

• Life Time Membership, On-Demand Support.
• Coaches to support you with sales, hiring, product and more.
• Founder-only events for insider insights.
• Follow-on fundraising support and introductions to the top local and global VCs.

A few things that set them apart.

This ain’t their first rodeo. Their approach is built on helping hundreds of founders.

• Investing in Diverse U30 First-Time Founders – They invest more money, before most VCs are comfortable in ambitious, and typically young teams. They exist to back more first-time founders.
• “No BS Feedback” – Their founders tell them they’re not just cheerleaders. They appreciate that they ‘tell-it-like-it-is’.
• They Provide Executive Coaches – They pay for Exec Coaches for each founder. They’re big on nurturing founders to become great leaders within their organisation.
• Advice from Active Founders & Operators – They have built and run companies ourselves, and pass on the latest thinking and lessons to their founders.

Their investment process.

Anyone can apply, at any time. They provide personalised feedback to every application.

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