Fairfield City Council COVID-19 Hardship Application

Date/Deadline: 06 Dec, 2020

Fairfield City Council recognises that due to exceptional circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) some people in the Fairfield community are facing difficulties in meeting their financial commitments including payment of Council Rates and Charges.

Council is legally required to levy and collect rates (under the Local Government Act 1993). There is no ability for Council to waive rates as a result of financial hardship caused by COVID-19. However, it can suspend debt recovery measures and write-off interest where it would cause the person hardship.

Eligibility: Fairfield City ratepayers, either individuals or business, who provide evidence from Centrelink or the Australian Tax Office (ATO) that their application for assistance has been granted under a COVID-19 scheme and who meet Council’s eligibility requirements.

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