Enterprise Learning Projects Incubation Program

Enterprise Learning Projects Incubation Program supports remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs who are looking to grow or evolve their existing businesses and expand their networks and skills.

Their incubation program includes:

– At least 12 months (500+ hours) of dedicated support from their team and network of expert entrepreneurs.
– On-Country visits as well as ongoing phone and email contact.
– A one-week leadership camp with your entrepreneur peers.
– Meaningful collaboration – together where you will finalise with them a strategy to best achieve your business goals.
– Practical business skills and advice, tailored to each individual entrepreneur and enterprise.
– Access to ELP’s networks, including national markets, industry advisors, and future funders.

Their incubation program often helps entrepreneurs to:

– Launch a big new project
– Develop a succession plan around transitioning leadership
– Increase skills in a particular area of business
– Overcome a business challenge
– Increase sales
– Assist with staffing and HR practices
– Expand networks and connections to explore new opportunities

Applications for this program are permanently open and welcome at any time.

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