Enterprise Learning Projects Incubation Program

Date/Deadline: 13 Nov, 2020

Enterprise Learning Projects offers a one year incubation program to support businesses in remote Aboriginal communities.

The incubation program supports enterprises to build upon their strengths and create lasting impact in their communities as they engage others in business, support new jobs, and work towards a just and equal future.

Supporting a business to grow in a remote setting is challenging, but it is possible. Their approach is guided by three key pillars:

• Capacity building by working in partnership with communities to explore their aspirations and provide relevant support to develop business ideas.
• Fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem by building peer networks, developing market linkages, bringing in partners and providing access to technology and finance support that enables businesses to thrive.
• Commitment to see the challenge through and being ready and able to adapt to the changing needs of their communities and their businesses.

Key features of ELP’s incubation program:
– Delivered in partnership with leading Aboriginal entrepreneurs and educators
– Designed to build lasting local support networks for entrepreneurs and their communities

What you get:
– You will be backed by a team of skilled social entrepreneurs, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, who are here to support you to achieve your enterprise goals.
– Three weeks on Country support for your enterprise to overcome local challenges and build new approaches to your business to ensure it’s sustainability.
– Relevant and practical skills workshops and training to broaden your knowledge of business and leadership.
– A one-week leadership and development workshop with your incubator peers, forming lasting relationships and networks that will inspire and motivate you in your role as a community leader.
– Access to their broader network of national and international incubators, pro-bono suppliers, and sector experts to accelerate your business and find new opportunities.
– Long-term membership beyond your incubation year to ELP’s enterprise network including access to mentors, events, funding opportunities.

What do they need from you?
– Commitment to follow through with your goals.
– Willingness to learn new concepts, be creative and receive feedback.
– Available for regular phone calls and able to help coordinate on Country workshops.

Who can apply?
Any Aboriginal-led enterprise in a remote setting across the Northern Territory*.
(*If you are outside of the NT, please get in touch to discuss your suitability!)

What they look for
• Traction – you have a demonstrated ability to operate and are moving your business idea forward.
• Ambition – you are motivated and excited to grow the enterprise and increase its impact.
• Connection – you have identified people who can support you on your enterprise journey—be it your family members, other entrepreneurs, a local organisation or others.

What does it cost?
Their program is free for enterprises. They are funded by supportive partners who enable them to give you the highest quality support to develop your enterprise.

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