Take the Eco Challenge!

It’s time to face it, power bills aren’t getting any cheaper, and they all know they could be doing that little bit more to help reduce our impact on the planet.

That’s why Climate Wave Enterprises is very happy to have created the Eco Challenge project in partnership with Coefficiency & Maceco. An initiative that sees participants, as an event organiser, able to create a sustainable energy legacy for their chosen community organisation.

Sustainable Living is our Future:

Going solar makes perfect sense. It is a free and pure source of sustainable power, unlike the common practices that continue to pollute our planet, leaving us with devastating environmental & social issues.

Not only can it save people a fortune in power bills, it can also reduce your carbon footprint, meaning we’re doing something good and worthwhile for both yourself and the environment.

What are Eco Challenge Events?

Eco Challenge events are family friendly surfing lifestyle days staged with the aim of assisting Surfrider Foundation Australia branches with fundraising, and connecting with their local community.

All events comply with sustainable event management guidelines and promote eco-friendly surfing products & services. If surf conditions of the day allow, a wooden surfboard expression session competition is also held.

How Does it Work?

During the planning phase of your event, simply nominate a local non-profit community organisation to receive a solar installation for a building they own or lease. Their team will then organise with them, free of charge, an energy audit that will form the basis of the Eco Challenge.

Once the audit is complete, and their energy needs quantified, their specialists will custom design a solar panel installation to suit the organisation’s property, budget, and investment goals.

Eco Challenge will then arrange for the solar system to be installed and all necessary paperwork to be completed. Each quarter the organisation will receive a report outlining the savings that have been made and the return deposited directly into their account.

Eco Challenge is for Everyone:

The great news is that they’ve also opened up the Eco Challenge initiative to home and business owners. So now participants can enjoy the reduced power bills of a solar power or solar hot water system too.

Organise an energy audit of your house or premises, and if you decide to purchase, Eco Challenge will make a cash donation of $500 to the Eco Challenge of choice (must be an existing installation). It’s a win win for everyone!

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