DWF Foundation Grant Program

Date/Deadline: 31 Oct, 2022

The DWF Foundation (also referred to as the Foundation) is an independent charity, founded by DWF. It has the sole aim of providing funds, resources and mentoring support to help individuals, groups and communities to achieve their full potential.

Foundation journey

Since December 2015, the Foundation has been the focus of charitable giving for DWF and reflects DWF values and culture of contribution. As of December 2021, the Foundation had distributed grants totalling over £745,000 to good causes. Those grants were made possible by DWF’s fundraising activities and donations.

All operating costs associated with running the Foundation are covered by DWF, so every penny raised goes to support good causes.

Today, through the combined philanthropic efforts of both DWF and the DWF Foundation, opportunities are being created for people to believe, inspire and change.

The DWF Foundation supports registered charities with an impact in one or more of the following areas:

• Homelessness
• Health and wellbeing
• Employability
• Education
• Environment and Sustainability

These themes also align to DWF’s purpose and enable them to work together to maximise the support given to communities.

Grants are given to initiatives that develop and improve local communities by:

– Tackling a specific community issue.
– Helping voluntary and community groups become more effective and efficient.
– Encouraging the involvement in the community of those too often excluded.
– Enabling young people to develop skills for the benefit of the community.

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