For the purpose of the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme, to be eligible for assistance you must be a primary producer who normally spends more than 50 per cent of your labour on, and derives more than 50 per cent of your gross income from a primary production enterprise.

Individually droughted property (IDP) application guidelines
These guidelines have been developed to help producers complete an application for an Individually Droughted Property (IDP) declaration. An IDP allows access to Queensland Government drought assistance prior to an area drought declaration.

What assistance am I eligible for if my property has an IDP declaration?
Drought Relief Assistance Scheme (DRAS) assistance is only available when a property is drought declared.

A property can become drought declared by either obtaining an IDP declaration or by being located in a shire or area which has been drought declared by the state.

The DRAS assistance available is the same irrespective of how a property becomes drought declared. However, by obtaining an IDP declaration an individual property can access assistance earlier than waiting for a region or shire to be drought declared by the state.

Current DRAS assistance includes:

Transport of fodder freight subsidy – on fodder used in maintenance feeding of cattle, sheep, goats, deer, working and breeding horses that are not normally fed
Water cartage freight subsidy – on water carted for stock
Stock returning from agistment freight subsidy – on the return of stock previously sent to agistment
Restocking freight subsidy – for restocking purchases made within 24 months after a drought declaration is lifted
Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate – on establishing water infrastructure to supply water for emergency animal welfare needs
Specific eligibility criteria and guidelines apply for each form of assistance.

In addition, other government departments or councils may offer their own assistance measures which require an IDP to access. IDP’s can only be granted if all DRAS IDP eligibility criteria are met.

Possession of an IDP is not a mandatory requirement by the Australian Tax Office to claim forced disposal of livestock if other objective evidence supports the claim.

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