Draper Richard Kaplan Foundation Covid-19 Funding

DRK’s venture philanthropy has always focused on taking early-stage risk on social enterprises with the potential for transformative impact at scale. Today, in response to the current crisis, they amplify that core investment mission – with more creativity around the edges – to also take bold, brisk bets on ideas that can begin to move our reality now.

What they’re funding: DRK is ready to find, fund and support the people and ideas that are tackling the most acute and time-critical social problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic right now. They want to help jumpstart projects that can realistically deploy within 30 days. We are best positioned to help work on the social problems caused by the pandemic versus direct mitigation via medical and scientific efforts – they are grateful to their peer funders in those sectors who are investing in therapeutics, PPE, testing and the like. DRK anticipate the range of missions to be broad, and are open to what those look like.

The projects they are looking for will have the same essential qualities as the core DRK portfolio but will be designed for more immediate scale. They will filter potential investments through the lens of urgency: Can this make large impact at scale? Can it be deployed quickly? And can DRK be catalytic in making that happen?

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