Date/Deadline: 25 Oct, 2020

Digitalisation is taking place everywhere and affects all of us. How can we capitalise on the opportunities that arise from digitalisation. What effects do you think all these new digital technologies will have and how will Bayer change? And how can they be leveraged in the health business?

Are you enrolled in the field of STEM, Economics or Humanities? Take the opportunity to get noticed: Bayer may offer to purchase your invention!

Now is your chance to discover new opportunities to harness the strengths of digital technologies, get to know Bayer from scratch and live our mission: “Science For A Better Life.”

Take part in the Digital Campus Challenge to shape an international company’s development – the sky’s the limit!

• 1st – Win a trip
• 1st-4th – Professional Mentoring
• 1st-4th – Get to know Bayer

Present the most convicing pitch during the gallery walk and win a trip to a city with B among Bayer’s Life-Hub in spring 2021 : Boston, Barcelona or Berlin!

Participate now!

– Sell your idea to Bayer or to develop it in collaboration with Bayer’s team.
– Regardless focused on Economics, IT, engineering, medical informatics, bioinformatics or any IT-focused background, or even Humanities – your ideas matter.
– By believing that everything is possible, you can give free rein to your creativity and innovative ideas while working in teams of 2-5 students.

Choose one of the following topics:
• Machine & Deep Learning
What ideas do you associate with Machine & Deep Learning and Bayer?

• Data Science
What ideas do you associate with Data Science at Bayer and what means #DataScienceForABetterLife to you?

• Cloud Computing & IT Security
What ideas do you associate with Cloud Computing & IT Security and Bayer?

• Digital Therapeutics
How do you see the future of Bayer in a digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem?

Award Ceremony
Marketplace, event, pitches, award ceremony and celebration in Leverkusen!

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