Community Led Proposals
Under the IAS, the NIAA considers grant proposals that address a need for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Proposals must be developed with the community or group who will be impacted by the activity.

Initial proposals
The first step for potential applicants is to contact the local NIAA Regional Network Office to organise a time to discuss the proposal. You must also submit an initial proposal form that outlines the proposed activity. You can submit the form before, during or after meeting with the local office. The local office can assist with completing the form.

If the NIAA gives you positive feedback on your proposal, this does not represent a funding commitment.

If you submit an initial proposal to the NIAA, this is not an application for grant funding.

Applications for grant funding
After you have received feedback from the NIAA on your proposal, you can decide whether to submit an application for funding. If you decide to apply, we will give you access to an application form and a unique code. The unique code links your proposal to the application form and is required to submit an application.

You must complete the proposal stage of the process for your application to be considered for funding.

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