The Colonial Foundation seeks to develop partnerships with charitable organisations that are attempting to identify the ‘root causes’ of issues and seeking to develop workable solutions, rather than those that treat the ‘after effects’ of issues. They are interested in organisations that they consider to be well-placed to make an enduring or systemic positive impact in the areas of their Grant Priorities.

To achieve their Vision and Mission, their grant-making will focus on three current priorities:
> Youth Well-being
Supporting research into mental health and its translation into clinical practice.
Empowering young Australians to maximise their potential.
Creating vocational pathways for young students.

> Healthy Ageing
Supporting medical research to find solutions to the disabilities of ageing, particularly in respect of mental disorders.
Improving access to innovative healthcare.

Arts and Culture
> Improving access to Arts and Culture in regional and rural Australia.
> Providing opportunities for young Australians to discover and be inspired by the Arts.
> Supporting innovative projects that expand employment opportunities in the Australian creative sector.

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