Bringing climate change awareness to schools.

A student interested in climate issues? Part of a club that loves to talk about the environment or fighting climate change; or interested in starting one? If so, check out ClimateScience Clubs!

Through events, activities and engaging with their local community, ClimateScience Clubs start the conversation about climate change and its solutions in their school. Club members become part of ClimateScience’s global community of 1000+ volunteers in 30+ countries who are passionate about creating real change in the fight against climate change.

Clubs will have access to ClimateScience’s resources, debates and exclusive events specifically made to empower ClimateScience Clubs to take local climate action and to make them feel like a part of the ever growing ClimateScience family. At the same time, members get to enjoy working with their school friends and teachers 🙂

Create a new club at school today or ask an existing one to get verified as a ClimateScience Club. Don’t hold back!

Anyone interested in knowing more can head over to ClimateScience’s website for more information and start the signup process! After filling up the form, representatives will get back to you on getting the School club verified and ready to go. We look forward to seeing you as part of their Community very soon!

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