Clean Technology Research and Development Grants Round 2

Date/Deadline: 09 Dec, 2022

The NSW Government has committed to supporting the development and continued innovation of emerging clean technologies and services in New South Wales. As part of this commitment, the Government has established the Clean Technology Research and Development Grants Program for the early-stage development of low emissions technologies and services. Funded by the Environmental Trust, this competitive grant program will be a flagship for clean technology research and development in New South Wales. It will prioritise investment in sectors and technologies where the potential for emissions reduction is high in the medium to long term.


The overarching objective of this program is to support early-stage clean technology research and development projects that help to foster a healthy research and development ecosystem within New South Wales.

In practical terms, this means supporting projects that:

• are in the range of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2 to 6
• seek to develop innovative solutions to decarbonising high emitting or hard-toabate3 industries within the program priority areas
• have the potential to make a substantial contribution to the NSW Government goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050
• are likely to have net positive environmental impacts (e.g., when considering other factors like embodied carbon and supply chain impacts)
• promote and actively engage in cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary partnerships and knowledge sharing.

Priority Areas

The priority areas for 2022–23 are:

• Electrification and Energy Systems – accelerating renewable energy solutions and supporting the uptake of electrification in other sectors
• Land and Primary Industries – coordinating and aligning efforts in the next wave of sustainable primary industry practices as the sector contributes a significant proportion of NSW emissions
• Power Fuels including Hydrogen – growing an environmentally sustainable NSW power fuels industry and unlocking decarbonisation opportunities for many hard-to-abate sectors beyond 2030.

Funding Information

• The total grant pool available for Round 2 is up to $14 million, depending on the availability of funds.
• The minimum grant amount is $400,000, and the maximum grant amount is $3 million.
• The maximum project duration is 3 years.
• Grants will only be awarded to projects that can demonstrate a minimum of 1:1 matched funding from other sources.

Eligibility Criteria

To be an eligible applicant, you must:

• hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
• be an organisation that fits into one of the categories.
• hold, at the time of executing a funding agreement, public liability insurance (minimum $10 million) and workers compensation insurance
• warrant that you are the legal and beneficial owner of (or have all necessary rights to use) any intellectual property necessary to carry out the project
• disclose any relevant5 legal proceedings or investigations, including litigation, arbitration, mediation or conciliation that are taking place, pending or (to the best of the applicant’s knowledge, after having made proper enquiry) threatened against the applicant or a related body corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001)
• not be subject to any insolvency event, including being the subject of an order or resolution for winding up or dissolution (other than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation) or the appointment of a receiver, liquidator, administer or similar
• not be listed on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade sanctions list.

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