Date/Deadline: 30 Jun, 2021

The City of Bunbury provides funding for a range of programs, events and activities each year to enhance the community and economy. The Grant Program aims to be thorough yet transparent and enable a range of quality and diverse events to take place. An additional $90,000 has been allocated to a new one off category, ‘Capacity and Resilience’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim to support and help build the capacity of Bunbury-based community groups and organisations through quality training and skill development opportunities.

There are four categories to choose from:

· Arts (for projects up to $5000);
· Community (available for capital projects worth up to $25,000 or one-off projects up to $5000);
· Events and CDB Summer Event? (available for events up to $15,000 for minor events or major events up to $40,000 along with one grant up to $15,000 for a CBD Summer Event)
· Capacity and Resilience (for projects up to $5,000)

Minor Community Grant

Minor Community Grants are small, one off grants that are provided to eligible individuals or community organisations. Funds are allocated in accordance with the City’s annual budget with grants open to applicants all year round, until all funds in this allocation have been exhausted. There are three categories to select from:

Category 1: Events/programs (up to $500)
Category 2: Achievement (up to $350)
Category 3: Capacity & Skill Building (up to $200)

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