Date/Deadline: 30 Oct, 2020

The City of Bayswater is seeking applications for its Better Bayswater Grant Program to offer local groups and non-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for funding to help projects that contribute to the City’s vision of creating a strong and cohesive community.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the community and local economy. The City of Bayswater is committed to supporting the recovery of community and local businesses through an array of initiatives, including the Better Bayswater Grant. The City has therefore made some amendments to its Better Bayswater Grant criteria to ensure that priority is given to grant applications that directly or indirectly assist in community recovery.

Priority Areas

The City is seeking applications from applicants who can deliver programs, projects and activities within the next six months which meet at least one of the following priority areas:

• Health and Wellbeing
Activities to promote mental health and wellbeing. These may include initiatives to reduce stress and anxiety or encourage physical activity by community members
• Community Connection
Programs and projects that encourage the development of networks to strengthen local communities and reduce social isolation
• Support for Vulnerable People
Programs and projects to support people experiencing social isolation, food insecurity, domestic violence or homelessness
• Economic Security
Programs and projects to develop employment and financial skills.

Funding Information

Applicants can apply for up to a maximum of $5,000 for their project, subject to applicants matching a minimum of 50% of the project funds.

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