Change the Game – A Shared Playbook for Marketing Social Enterprise

It’s time to take the awareness of social enterprise to the next level, collectively.

Social enterprise is still a bit of a best kept secret. If we’re going to reach beyond the social enterprise ‘bubble’ we need to work collectively – we need to speak in the same voice at the same time.

That’s why, over the past year, a group of marketing experts from across the social enterprise sector have gotten together and built a collaborative awareness and education playbook for social enterprise marketing. The group is called Brand Social Enterprise, and it has developed a shared concept, video, graphics, messaging and hashtag, with methods for everyone to adapt parts of the campaign to their own needs. It includes shared language to unify how we talk about social enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Marketing Playbook gives us the tools we need to collectively raise the profile of the entire social enterprise sector. It includes copy about the social enterprise sector that we can all use so we’re describing the sector in the same way in one voice, social media graphics and a new video.

Ready to make social enterprise business as usual? Download and start using the Playbook today – it’s everything you need to collectively raise the profile of your organisation, as well as the entire social enterprise sector.

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