Certificate in Social Innovation Management

Date/Deadline: 13 Jan, 2020
The Certificate in Social Innovation Management is a 6-month intensive program where you will learn by doing, train with master practitioners to unlock your potential, gain skills and build networks for the career YOU truly want.

This blended program runs twice a year, with a 2-month Foundation online, followed by 4-month Immersion phase in a global hub of Social Innovation. You can choose whether to do your immersion in Brazil or India.

You can attend and complete the Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management even if you are currently working.

Through this innovative program, you will gain both systemic and granular understanding of the sector, build cutting-edge 21st-century skills with the help of global practitioners who are masters in the fields of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Management, Communication, and Innovation while becoming part of an engaging global community of impact professionals.

The intensity and practical nature of the program means that you gain as much as 2-year Master’s in just 6 months.

You will also think deeply about your own goals and motivations, align who you are with what you want to do, and create a new strategy for your career.

  • 10 skill-building courses from globally recognised master practitioners
  • A 250-hour+ apprenticeship in a local organisation (for those who are not already working) to immediately apply your learning on the job and make sense of the impact sector
  • A wide range of networking opportunities to introduce you to the community of changemakers in the city of your immersion, with guest speakers, events, social gatherings
  • 2 intensive learning trips with your classmates to amazing destinations in your immersion country
  • ‘Global dialogue’ video calls with peers from other countries and webinars with Amani alumni to strengthen your connection to the community and learn from peers
  • 6 individual coaching sessions during and after the program to support you in accelerating your career

You will build the global network, professional experience, self-awareness, leadership capacity, and innovation skills you need to create change. Apply today.

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