Brought your #PassionProject to Life?

Date/Deadline: 31 Jul, 2018

Got an inspirational story to tell about bringing your #passionproject to life?

You may have written a book, started a charity, travelled near and far, run for a cause, saved lives through your research, created your own business from scratch, or much, much more….

The common thread?

What you started out with had no guarantee of success or revenue attached and it was undertaken outside of your regular commitments – in other words, it was a #passionproject. You moved forward regardless of the outcome because itês something you just HAD to achieve.

It may have been something that burned inside you for years before you brought it to fruition, taking up every spare moment of your imagination. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t shake that yearning, that wanting to make it real.

Sound like you? Great! In that case, Lucy Bowler Inc love to invite you to be part of their upcoming eBook:

#passionproject: inspirational stories from go-getters who’ve brought their dreams to life

Your shared experience may be just the thing that helps someone else achieve their own goals, giving more meaning to your #passionproject than you could possibly imagine.

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