At Breakthrough Victoria, they invest in innovation for impact.

Victoria is home to some of the best scientific, digital and knowledge institutes and businesses in the world – all sharing a mission to discover the next breakthrough.

Whether it’s the next generation of medical tech, designing sustainable food sources or uncovering new ways to take action on climate change, Victorian innovators are already developing the research, technology and ideas that will transform our lives for the better.

– $2 billion in funding
Backed by the Victorian Government, Breakthrough Victoria will invest $2 billion over the next 10 years in industries that will create the jobs of tomorrow.

– Future-focused investing
Their capital is patient. They focus on sustainable, long-term investments that will establish the growth and thriving industries of the future.

– Fast-tracked, commercialised innovation
They accelerate how ideas come to life: transforming innovations into real-world applications and businesses that sustain the economy, create jobs and improve lives.

Investing in industries of the future

They will invest in these priority sectors:

• HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCES – Their life sciences sector is underpinned by a world-class research ecosystem which uncovers cutting-edge medicines and procedures.
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING – Their sustainable manufacturing industry is fueling enterprise opportunities, creating an environment for new ways of producing at scale.
DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES – Their emerging digital technologies are setting a new standard for engaging real world experiences.
AGRI-FOOD – Their reputation for clean, green and safe produce provides a platform to develop, scale and source the next generation of agriculture and food products.
CLEAN ECONOMIES – Their future depends on investing in the innovations and products needed to keep our planet healthy.

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