Named after the iconic Boab tree from northern Australia, the Boab AI program places scaleup companies at the centre of a supportive ecosystem with an entirely bespoke program for each company. They are focused on adding value and not wasting time.

Program features are as follows:

– Direct assistance: Experts providing hands-on finance, marketing, PR, investment, sales and technical assistance to companies where required.
– Investment advisory: Whether it is leading investment rounds, closing them or just optimising investability, Boab AI powered by Artesian are venture specialists with the experience of 500+ venture deals globally.
– Partnerships: As a platform for the AI ecosystem, Boab AI actively matches scaleup companies with corporates & governments.
– Mentorship: Mentorship from AI entrepreneurs who have done it before.
– Ecosystem: Boab AI funnels the benefits of the ecosystem to portfolio teams including PR opportunities, customers, investors and more.

Boab AI scaleup investment program is investing in at least 32 artificial intelligence scale over 4 years with $300,000 AUD capital per company with up to $5,000,000 follow-on.

Far more than just providing capital, Boab AI is also an intensive 6-month services package helping AI companies to breakthrough to their next stage of growth.

We are seeking artificial intelligence companies with a product and demonstrable traction for our scaleup program. Companies can be based anywhere in the world but are particularly interested in companies based in Victoria.

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