We do not have a Planet B, we need to shape their future now!

This is where impakter platform its community come in to makes the difference. A call for impact is a necessity of our time. We do it for us, our families, friends, our community and our planet.

From knowledge transfer to generating a bridge between institutional and private to ultimately empower our readers and the consumers that are changing the world.

Write for Impakter
Impakter is where public servants around the world stay ahead of the frontiers in their field, find innovative policy ideas and build a global network of peers and experts.

They’re used by members from over 600+ global organisation, from United Nations, Institutes, NGO’s and Universities.

Who can contribute
Their focus is on quality and knowledge transfer. They want you to bring your idea to the table and share them in a meaningful and constructive way.

How to contribute
Simply put you just need to write 3 ideas down with a synopsis and email it to them with your LinkedIn profile or your curriculum vitae.

Email: Editor – @ –

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