Australian Respiratory Council

Australian Respiratory Council is a global community with universal and high quality management of respiratory diseases.They are a charitable, non-government organisation (NGO) that continues to build expertise and sustainable capacity in respiratory health.

The criteria for the Australian Respiratory Council’s project funding selection include:

– Initiatives that country programs, NGOs or communities have themselves identified as important mechanisms to bring about positive change in respiratory health
– A focus on disadvantaged groups
– The capacity to partner with the implementing agency such as National programs and organisations, State Indigenous groups and/or country based NGOs to share resources, technical expertise and support
– The scope for developing local capacity by equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training to enable them to perform effectively
– A recognised plan for sustainability of activities & outcome impacts that will contribute to long term improvements
– A commitment to monitoring and evaluation
– A design that acknowledges a sustainable approach and the importance of starting small and working up

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