Date/Deadline: 14 Aug, 2020

The Australian Philanthropy Awards recognise and celebrate extraordinary achievements in contemporary philanthropy for work that is visionary, high impact and transformative. They also celebrate partnerships between philanthropy and for-purpose organisations and honour those who are working to create lasting, positive change.

Philanthropy has a duty at this time to act and, more importantly, lead. In these very uncertain times, it’s important to recognise and celebrate best practice philanthropy and create a sense of hope – as philanthropy will play a critical role in the response to this unfolding public health emergency and the consequent economic and social implications, alongside the continual recovery from the devastation caused by the bushfires earlier this year.

The relationship between philanthropy and community is an important one, now more than ever, and we would like to highlight this by celebrating the positive community change that has been (and can be) achieved through philanthropic partnership and support.


The Australian Philanthropy Awards are open to all members of the philanthropic and broader social change community – anyone can submit a nomination, and any organisations that work in partnership and align with the criteria are eligible to be nominated.

Organisations and projects that have previously been nominated for an award but not received it may be nominated again in 2020.

Each nomination must contain details of at least one person from each organisation who consents to be contacted in relation to the nomination and is equipped to answer or provide information on relevant questions, should the need arise.

You can nominate your own organisation i.e. the nominator can be the same as the nominee.

Philanthropy Australia board members, current staff and members of the Australian Philanthropy Awards selection panel are not eligible to submit a nomination OR themselves be nominated by a third party. In the instance that a selection panellist’s organisation is nominated, they will remove themselves from the selection process for that category.

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