Assess-Implement-Monitor (AIM) Grants

Date/Deadline: 20 Mar, 2023

AIM grants provide a subsidy to engage experts that will assess ways to implement more economically and environmentally sustainable practices within a business.

Funding is available for businesses and not-for-profits to:

• ASSESS options that will support more environmentally sustainable and/or circular business operations, including projects focussed on materials and resource efficiency, waste management, and emissions reduction. Assessments must be undertaken by a suitable qualified and capable, independent and impartial service provider
• IMPLEMENT recommendations made through a GISA-funded assessment

Assessments should enable participants to MONITOR progress and report outcomes, using it as a base for continuous improvement.

How much money is available?

Up to $15,000 per applicant comprised of:

• up to $10,000 for an assessment – co-contribution 2:1 (GISA:Applicant)
• up to $5000 (1:1) to implement assessment recommendations that meet eligibility criteria

Maximum $10,000 for energy-only assessments with co-contribution 1:1 (implementation funds are not available for energy-related improvements).

Charitable organisations and social enterprises that already form part of SA’s circular economy may be eligible for a full subsidy on assessments costs – please contact staff to discuss.

Who can apply?

Businesses, not-for-profits, and Australian companies that:

• are using commercial waste collection services (in addition to, or instead of council kerbside waste collection services)
• have been operating for a minimum 2 years in South Australia.

What will they fund?

• Materials efficiency / waste management assessment and improvement review
• Resource efficiency / (energy, water, waste, trade waste) assessment and improvement review
• Greenhouse gas / carbon emissions management review, and net zero emissions strategy development – must cover scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
• Sustainable procurement assessment and improvement review
• Research, design and business case development for implementation of circular economy principles
• Energy audits / assessment (co-contribution 1:1, no implementation funds)

Assessments must contribute to the development of a business case for investment in one or more of the areas listed above; or development of sustainability, circular economy, or net zero emissions strategy, policy, plans and/or targets.

Assessments must focus on holistic solutions, and compare current practice to a range of improvement options (not be limited to investigating a single solution/option).

Assessments must be delivered by a suitably qualified and capable, independent and impartial service provider (contact them to find out which consultants have already delivered successful projects).

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