Ashoka Future Skills Innovation Challenge 2020

Date/Deadline: 28 Feb, 2020

Are you helping develop the skills needed for everyone to play an active role in the economy of tomorrow?

We are in an unprecedented time of change. The future is both exciting and daunting.

Now, more than ever, having the right skills to succeed is vitally important to ensure everyone can thrive.

Ashoka and HSBC recognise the power of social entrepreneurs to help develop the skills needed to plan for a successful future, both financially and through meaningful employment.

That’s why together, Ashoka and HSBC have launched the Future Skills Innovation Challenge, an international competition aimed at recognising, supporting and nurturing the best social entrepreneurs and their innovations.

The challenge is for innovators building a future where everyone has the skills needed to thrive.

The challenge is now open!

Alternatively, if there’s anyone who you think is a superstar innovator in the field of future skills, then you can nominate them here, and a representative will get in touch with them and ask them to apply.

What are future skills?

These are competencies that increase financial capability and employability — equipping communities to play an active role in the economy of the future.

Financial capability means having the skills, attitudes and tools needed to manage money effectively.

Employability is a set of achievements, understandings and attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupations.

To thrive in the future, communities and individuals will need these essential skills.

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