The renewed Artists’ Benevolent Fund hopes to provide modest but useful one-off financial assistance to Australian visual artists in crisis as a result of fire, flood, storm, serious illness, major accident, declared state or national emergencies, or some other unexpected catastrophic experience.

It is not intended that the Fund should be used merely as a means of coping with current financial needs or to pay outstanding debts. Rather, the aim of the Fund is to support artists experiencing some form of crisis to continue to maintain their artistic practice, despite the debilitating experience that has befallen them.

Funds are limited and applications will be considered in regard to the specific disaster situation. Artists can only apply once for a one-off payment in relation to that specific disaster. However, should another specific disaster befall them at a later stage in their career, artists are welcome to apply for a one-off payment in relation to that specific disaster.

The Fund might receive requests from:

– Artists whose studios and/or entire bodies of work have been destroyed (e.g. as the result of fire, flood, storm, earthquake)
– Artists who have suffered a major injury in their studio
– Artists suffering illnesses that impact on their ability to maintain their artistic practice
– Artists severely impacted in their practice by a declared state or national emergency, such as losing a critical work opportunity as the result of an event or activity cancelled because of COVID-19.


The applicant must be:

– An Australian citizen or resident, and
– A professional practitioner in the visual arts, regardless of career stage.

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