Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program

The Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program aims to foster the development of a vibrant network of community and business leaders.

Offering potential and emerging leaders an intensive annual program that develops the participantês personal leadership skills, their knowledge of the region and their network of professional and community contacts.

Providing participants from a wide range of business and community backgrounds with an opportunity for personal and professional development, in an environment that is safe, supportive, stimulating and enjoyable.

Providing an opportunity to interact and learn from exemplary leaders, and from each other.

Encouraging ongoing learning through participation in alumniês activities.

The program is delivered, every year, from July to May. Each year the organisation selects up to 24 participants who represent a diverse range of ages, professions and communities. Participants meet fortnightly, at locations across the region, to work with the regionês most outstanding leaders. The course is also includes three retreats, where the personal leadership skills of the participants are developed. The program culminates with a visit to Melbourne, to meet with leaders who are ordinarily not accessible to those living in regional Victoria.

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