Date/Deadline: 09 Oct, 2019

AFS Intercultural Programs, with distinguished partners, is convening the second annual AFS Global Conference: Active Global Citizenship—and How to Educate for It, from 9-11 October 2019 in Montreal, Canada.

The 2019 AFS Global Conference will mobilise educators, not-for-profits, businesses, governments,and youth leaders to move beyond theoretical and ideological debates in order to find common ground and work together to integrate global competence into formal, non-formal and informal education for learners of all ages.

The Conference will respond to these questions:
– What does active global citizenship look like in practice? What are active global citizens doing to change the world for the better?
– How does global competence education lead to active global citizenship? How does global competence factor into developing and implementing solutions to challenges identified in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
– What is the state of global competence education around the world? What can we learn from Canada as a pioneer in global competence education?
– How do we evolve education from a 20th-century model to meet the needs and demands of the 21st century and the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
– What best practices, innovations, obstacles, and challenges exist in educating for active global citizenship? How can others learn from and replicate these successful strategies?
– What are the interests and the role of each stakeholder group in achieving the best results for educating, advocating, and funding active global citizenship?
– How can stakeholders collaborate to best empower and support active global citizens and those educating for it? How can advocates work together to meet the needs of various stakeholder groups?
– Where should the funding come from to ensure more schools and youth groups incorporate global competence education? What are the drivers and incentives to allocate current educating funding to global education and/or to raise new funds from impact investors and donors?
– How can we educate for active global citizenship at a time when the benefits of globalism are being questioned by countries and peoples, yet our challenges and opportunities are globally interdependent?

Who will attend the Conference?
Over 600 active global citizens and the stakeholders who support their development are expected to participate in the AFS Global Conference. This includes:
– Educators of all types: teachers and academics as well as experts in global competence education, non-formal learning, and international education
– Business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and innovators
– Policymakers and government representatives, including international governing bodies
– NGOs, community organizations
– Media representatives and influencers
– Youth leaders and students
– Faith leaders and interfaith organizations
– Foundation donors and impact investors
– AFS and Sentio Network leaders and volunteers from around the world

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