Since 2006 the Committee for Geelong (CfG) has delivered leadership programs to support Geelong’s transformation into a world-class place by developing the capacity and influence of regional leaders. In addition to the Leaders for Geelong program, the CfG is now offering a foundational leadership program.

The Activate Leadership Program (Activate) encourages the exploration and development of leadership potential for personal, professional and community benefit. Theoretical knowledge, experiential learning and practical insights have application to both organisational and community roles, and provide a solid foundation for ongoing personal and professional development.

Who should apply
– High potential team members (paid and unpaid staff) who may not have had access to formal leadership development opportunities
– Active community members (in paid or unpaid roles) who want to develop their leadership capacity and increase connections with other sectors in the region
– Emerging or recently appointed team leaders, managers and supervisors who would benefit from developing tehir leadership potential
– Team members with decision-making responsibilities but limited experience in leading people

Program Structure:

The program is appoximately 45 contact hours over 8 consecutive days through full day and half day events. The content is based on the CfG’s leadership model which focuses on developing three leadership domains: individual, organisational and community.

Activate #5
– May 3 2018 – June 21 2018

Activate #6
– July 26 2018 – September 13 2018

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