Aboriginal Carers Growing Up Aboriginal Children

Date/Deadline: 27 Sep, 2019

Aboriginal carers are a pivotal part of our Out-of-Home Care system and are key to us together achieving better outcomes for Aboriginal children in care and Territory Families is looking for Aboriginal led organisations to provide services to find, assess and/or support Aboriginal carers.

The Aboriginal Carers Growing Up Aboriginal Children grant program enables more Aboriginal children currently in or entering care to be placed with Aboriginal foster and family and kinship carers in the Northern Territory.

Aboriginal organisations are being provided with the opportunity to apply for grants to deliver any or all of the following services to Aboriginal Carers:

Phase 1 – A child is at risk of entering or has entered OOHC (Scoping and Finding carers);
Phase 2 – Potential family and kin carers are assessed for a child (Assessment of carers);
Phase 3 – A placement is set up to succeed (Establishment Support to carers); and
Phase 4 – The placement thrives and children remain connected to their families, community and culture (Ongoing Support to carers).

Who is Eligible?
Grants are available for Aboriginal controlled organisations operating in the Northern Territory.
A lead Aboriginal organisation may nominate to work in partnership or collaboration with one or more additional organisations that can include non-Aboriginal organisations.
Eligible organisations must have published audited accounts and may only apply for funding to be used to deliver services in the Northern Territory.

How much funding is available?
$350 000 in total is available for Aboriginal organisations to apply for grants for an initial nine month period commencing 1 November 2019.
Applicants may apply for any amount up to $150 000.

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