Date/Deadline: 29 Sep, 2020

Conference theme: Mandjoogoordap: Changing Tides
29 September to 2 October 2020

The 21st Biennial AAEE 2020 conference for environmental educators takes place in Mandurah, Western Australia. A city renowned for its beautiful waterways, internationally recognised wetlands, ancient thrombolites and enchanting plants and wildlife, this global biodiversity hotspot truly is Mandjoogoordap: the meeting place of the heart.

This intergenerational, inclusive and inspiring event ensures delegates will be immersed in the latest thinking and exposed to the best information and resources. With sustainability professionals and educators from all sectors, including education, government, NGOs and community groups, this is an audience that values authentic ideas and ways of working.

Inspired by moving local examples, resilience theory, and Mandurah’s relaxed waterside lifestyle, Mandjoogoordap: Changing Tides aims to showcase innovative, practical and effective tools to help us “change the tides” of environmental and sustainability education.

Join us in the time of Kambarang, the season of birth, when the weather starts to warm, rain eases and we see an abundance of wildflowers and new arrivals. You will discuss and learn from others who are working to empower their communities to action change.

Sharing the latest in theory, policy and practice, the focus is turning this conference moment into a movement by challenging old thinking and fostering innovation and futures thinking. The AAEE 2020 Biennial Conference looks forward to changing the tides of this incredible field with you, and we welcome you to our Mandurah, our Mandjoogoordap…meeting place of the heart.

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