2022 Call for Proposals under the CRRP and CAPaBLE Programmes

Date/Deadline: 04 Dec, 2022

APN invites proposals under the Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP) and the Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE) for funding from October 1st, 2023. A limited amount of financial support is available for regional research and capacity development activities that fall within its areas of interest. With this, APN invites trans- and interdisciplinary research and capacity development proposals that reflect the following themes:


• Displacement, relocation, food security and water security using global knowledge and/or traditional and local knowledge;
• Adaptation and disaster risk reduction in the context of global knowledge and/or traditional and local knowledge;
• Climate change and climate variability and their related impacts in national and regional contexts, including projections/downscaling; remote sensing; extreme events; Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Platform (AP-PLAT); knowledge/technology transfer; etc.;
• Global change and its impacts on marine ecosystems and livelihoods in the Pacific, including the impacts of microplastics on fisheries and food security; marine plastic debris; conservation and protection; impacts of ocean warming, ocean acidification, harmful algal blooms on food security; etc.

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