2020 Golden Key Asia Pacific Summit

Date/Deadline: 06 Feb, 2020

Join the 2020 Golden Key Asia Pacific Leadership Summit!

They’re excited to announce that in 2020, Golden Key will be hosting the annual Asia Pacific Leadership Summit at the Queensland University of Technology in sunny Brisbane. With Networking in the Digital Age as their focus, they have developed a jam-packed 3-day program which will take you through the journey of turning online connections into meaningful offline relationships in the ever changing landscapes we call the Digital Age.

“Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will never replace the value of personal relationships which can only be established and sustained by human interaction/intervention.

There is widespread agreement that in 20 years’ time, our livelihood and success will depend not only on my learned skill set and certified qualifications at that time but, increasingly, on what other people know about my skills and life experiences.

That knowledge will depend on how effective I have been in building networks of friends and professional contacts who know about and respect my talents and abilities, and will call on me without hesitation, to provide advice, professional support and solutions for the constantly changing challenges facing them on a daily basis.

It follows that we should be actively building those networks now and insuring that our personal profile is clearly recorded and highly valued in the minds of influential people who will remain alert to the valuable contributions I can make to creative solutions of living and working in a world which promises to be a constantly changing environment.

The pillars of Golden Key International Honour Society provide a framework on which these important networks can be developed successfully on an international scope.”

At the Summit, you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of workshops which have been specifically designed to open your senses to opportunities by forming personal relationships. Attendees will also have the chance to connect and network with industry experts and leading organisations through our Career Connector and Professional Q&A Panel. This is also your chance to get to know your fellow Golden Key members and learn about their dreams and experiences.

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